is a fun multiplayer online game which takes place in a 2d world. It is a crazy match where you have to fend off tons of aggressive hostile armies from various regions before you seize the opportunity to occupy the top spot. After choosing the nearest server, you will be forced to fight against all of the existing enemies and destroy them. When you remove somebody in unblocked, you will grow stronger and you can eliminate the next target easier. Although starting off with a tank, you can recognize the number of units that you gained. It means that everything will be contained in a vehicle instead of creating small minions.

In free, you can mine colored dots which are scattered across the map at random. It is a safe method to rank up after you have appeared. Do not forget to dodge every projectile from the other side or you can be kicked off!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move, Left mouse or Space to shoot
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