Do you remember how you survived in Now, all of those feelings will be coming back with – the next successor of featuring more challenges and more addictive gameplay. It’s just so amazing to swim around in the water hunting down foods, creatures, and enemies. At first, you are just a small queen fish trying to increase the size by eating as many fish as possible which are scattering across the oceanic arena. You can merge all of the fish to make yourself stronger than ever. When you come across enemies, you have to protect your queenfish at all costs. At the same time, try your hardest to attack the opponents, slay them all, knock them out of the arena for a better chance of winning. During the course of the game, you will confront with many ocean dwellers, some will join your group, while some will go aggressive. Be careful with the tough ones! Can you develop and end up as the most dangerous queenfish in the arena? Play now!

How to play

The mouse is used to control your queenfish, click the left mouse or key W to assault, use the right mouse or spacebar to combine your creatures. Hold the right mouse or spacebar for a long time to eat your own creatures. Use the mouse wheel scroll or + and – keys to zoom in/out.
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