is one of the most popular Bomberman style games. It will throw all people including you into a classic MMO match. In which, you will have to fight against each other for survival. Indeed, you must keep you safe until you take over the leaderboard. Remember that each round should be finished as soon as possible!

In order to turn into the last standing man in unblocked, you do not forget to avoid every explosion caused by you or somebody. It is simple to use bombs when you want to clear your track from obstacles and enemies. Besides, you can gather many power-ups after that. They are effective in free online to add more weapons and increase their performance. Not only that, they will be helpful to move faster and deal with damage better. The points that you achieve will be converted to gold. It is a valuable resource to buy stranger skins.

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, right mouse or Space to put down a bomb
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