Action Edition Action Edition is a challenging zombie survival multiplayer game online giving you a huge amount of fun. In the game, there will be one player starting as the zombie. His goal is to go tag more humans so he can spread the infections. If you are a human, you need to run away from his attack and do whatever it takes to prevent yourself from getting tagged. You need to collect resources and use them to construct strong barricades or even safe shelters so you can hide the zombies. In case you get tagged, you become a zombie, and now your objective is to tag others. You should work with your friends as teamwork is an important element that can lead you to success. You need to support each other to overcome the enemy attacks. Get through all the dangers around you, survive until the end, and turn yourself into the best survivor of all!

How to play

Use WASD to move around the map. Walk into the people to tag them. Action Edition
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