is a fun-addicting web browser survival game where you must utilize your surviving ability to get through the oncoming attacks carried by your opponents. The game gives you two choices, you can make a decision on battling by yourself and protecting the land with your own character, or you can team up with other players and form a clan. But, strategically, you are advised to form a group and work with your allies to battle against the enemy clans. The choice is yours! Whatever you choose, just make sure you generate as many resources as possible, build a lot of barricades or stay in a safe zone. The enemies are kind of strong, you need to finish them all using your good tactics and give them no chances to damage your kingdom. Keep building your realm, make it larger than ever then build your ultimate dominance! Enjoy the game! Good luck!

How to play

Move with arrow keys or WASD. Use the left mouse to attack enemies or gather items. Press key B to build, key E to use items, keys 1-6 for choosing an item or a building.
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