Crowded is a cool free-to-play game where you will start off with a zombie instead of an ordinary person. To become the top player on the ranking, you need to collect as many members as possible. It means that you should search for the victim and bite or grab them to spread the infection. Once they are attacked, they will quickly follow you and turn into your minions. Aside from that, they are very useful to cover your position. So, you are recommended to keep an eye on your followers and defend them from being stolen by other rivals.

If the foe in Crowded online can reach the center, they will kill you and you have to restart. Firstly, you can evade stronger competitors and focus on gathering. When you are ready enough, you are able to embark on the match and eliminate everybody. while it is unblocked at school, it is also currently gettable on mobile devices. Choose the app or the platform you want and engage in your story now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to move your zombies

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