Flang.io is a great Moomoo.io Style 2D Shooter providing you a lot of challenges and missions to conquer. It’s all about building and fighting for your ultimate survival in a dangerous world full of enemies. When you jump into this world, you have nothing in your hands. But gradually, you will gain almost everything and build your own territory. There are two big things you will keep in mind, which are getting better guns and building. For the guns, you should go kill a lot of players to earn more experiences then you will be able to purchase more guns. After that, you can utilize them to deal damage to the rivals more easily. About building, you should use 20 wood to place a wall, create a giant wall, draw multiple images so as to defend yourself from the incoming enemy attacks. Can you survive until the end to become the best player of all? Join the game right now!

How to play

Move around the map using WASD. Click the left mouse to fire.