is a free online sports game for all ages. Play and win against every opponent to claim your champion cup! Select the best name and engage in an interesting match with random teammates. From the spawning point, you are able to start your mission along with your team. In order to achieve the goal in soon, you are advised to cooperate with your allies and help each other in every situation. You need to gather the highest point before you run out of time if you’d like to rule the new playfield.

After you hop into the race of game, you do not forget to catch the ball or support your friends to defend it. More importantly, quickly make a mad dash to the opposite end zone to collect a rushing touchdown. It will give your scores. You are recommended to combine tricks skillfully. You should choose to sprint or tackle your rivals promptly or they will steal your item and block your way. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, Left click to speed up and tackle.