Do you love to draw stuff and guess words? Then will be a perfect game that suits your desires! Give this free-for-all IO game online a shot for a lot of fun now. The game focus on drawing and guessing to compete against many friends from around the world. At the moment, there are five languages featured here, and more of them will be coming out later, so it’s very suitable for players worldwide. You can join online rooms or create your own private room where you can play with your real friends. In the game, when you take a drawing turn, you should draw skillfully to let other players guess what it is. If more of them guess correctly, you will earn more points, but if no one guesses right, no points will be given to you. Similarly, you should try to guess the word as soon as possible for higher points when someone is drawing. Your final objective is to become the ultimate winner!

How to play

Use the mouse to draw and type your guesses using the keyboard.
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