High IQ Battle Royale

High IQ Battle Royale is a 2D shooting Free For All game revolved around a deathmatch. In which, players have to search for good equipment to fight, defend, and become the last survivor. You will start with a pickaxe and try to break creates so as to collect items. Weapons should be deployed properly to remove dangerous enemies and help you progress. High IQ Battle Royale also is a map spawning lots of power-ups to restore or boost your health. Besides, it will offer tons of resources.

Play solo in High IQ Battle Royale and you are recommended to gather wood. It is useful to create walls which are essential for you to block hits from causing damage or the death of you. Aside from that, there is a violent storm shrinking every 60 seconds and existing for 30 seconds or ending when someone leaves, the moment that he achieves 200 IQ. If you buy IQ scores or gain enough coins, you can unlock many interesting skins. Hope you enjoyed!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, Q to switch to the pickaxe, E to pick up items, G to drop
Strike Numbers to choose, Left mouse to deploy items, Right mouse to place the scope on or build with the pickaxe equipped, H to hints

High IQ Battle Royale
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