is a super duper entertaining 2D Shooter game online. The in-game arena is full of multi-colored jello blobs and you become one wandering around the map to finish off as many other enemy blob players as possible. In this title, the way to killing the opponents is to shoot bombs at them. These bombs will dish out a huge amount of damage and are able to wipe out the players easily. As you try to fire the bombs, make sure you stay watchful for the incoming bombs launched by others, or else you will be destroyed, and the game will be over. It’s also important for you to play with excellent strategies as you can totally outsmart other rivals as well as give them no chances to attack you. Just keep yourself alive for as long as possible until you become the King or Queen of the arena. Enjoy it now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Aim and shoot the bombs at your enemies by using the left mouse button.
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