Monster Crush – an epic Agario Style web browser game lets you play as a little adorable monster! You have to make your way through a large map trying to eat other smaller monsters to grow up. You will start with a fresh supply of tasty berries, so make sure to absorb them for a chance of evolving yourself into a more terrible beast that is able to absorb the entire cities. The map is full of objects, you should hover over the ones you want to eat and quickly consume them. Do not hesitate to attack the weaker enemies, the more kills you pick up, the stronger you are. However, you have to stay away from the dangerous monsters before they eat you up. If you die, you will restart the game from scratch. Try to survive as long as possible and turn yourself into the most dangerous monster. Good luck to you!

How to play

Navigate the play area using the mouse. Hover over objects that you want to eat.
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