Let’s venture into space with your small orb in – an awesome space-themed Agario Style game! You take control of your orb carefully trying to go demolish other players to increase your size to the max. There are plenty of gray particles that you can absorb, so feel free to consume all of them then utilize them wisely to deal damage to the rivals’ cores. You should aim at their cores, and once they have been destroyed, the enemies will be wiped out of the arena instantly. As you try to fight against the enemies, make sure you will not let your core collide with their particles. In case this happens, you will soak massive damage, meaning you can meet your doom easily, and the game will be over. Be careful when you play! Don’t forget to buy upgrades using the particles that you have earned. The upgrades are dot resilience, dot critical chance, speed, and max health. They will help better your performance a lot. Can you rule space? Play now!

How to play

Use the mouse to direct your character, speed it up using the left mouse. Press the number keys 1-4 to upgrade.
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