is a simulation web browser game taking place in a fictional city named Nend, where all players must deal with a lot of challenges and survive all the dangers around them. There are some crucial aspects of your character you need to take care of, like health, strength, and energy. Start to get a job, work harder to earn cash, and when you earn some money, use it to buy supplies, food as well as many other items for your survival. Make sure that you stay watchful for other opponents in the city as they won’t be hesitant to attack you! Try to finish them off before they harm you, or else you will meet your doom easily. Don’t forget to upgrade your skills throughout the course of the game to become stronger than ever. You must thrive in this world to become the best player of all! Good luck to you!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement. Click left mouse to assault, use key Enter to chat, press key E or spacebar to interact with objects, key M to open the map, and use the right mouse to delete an item.