is a power-ups Io game introducing a horror match where you conquer the top spot by being the last player standing. Everybody including you will start as a chicken. You will be placed on a small dish and surrounded by a deadly machine which can crush your body into pieces. However, you can avoid being killed by flying after you are pushed off the edge. Even, you are able to return to the initial playfield.

Play free online you are allowed to perform other effective tricks such as dashing or jumping. It is necessary to switch or combine abilities to keep you safe from every danger. Besides, they are also important to block bumps from competitors. Moreover, you must stop promptly or you will hurt yourself. After each round in unblocked that you finish, you will receive scores to unlock new stuff like hats, caps, baskets, and much more. In case you eat the most corn, you can grow and transform into the biggest animal on the server.

How to play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move, Space to jump
Press Space to dash and push rivals
Hold Space to fly
Double click on movement keys to sprint