The main goal in an Upgrades Strategy game called is to conquer the entire playing field by using your units. You will be pitted against new foes who are also struggling for this goal, making the game much harder to master. There are three building types: farm, capital, and fort. For the farm, you must utilize them to get a bunch of gold coins, and you use the coins for creating more units. Your capital must be defended by the fort all the time since there are too many outside threats that will harm your kingdom anytime. You need to keep an eye on your resources and never stop expanding them in order to make your realm much larger. Keep in mind that the more units you enlarge, the more gold coins you will have to spend. All of these things will help develop your kingdom to the next level, taking you closer to the victory for sure. Have fun!

How to play

The left mouse button is used for the interaction, and move the camera using keys WASD.