Are you excited about the second chapter of game? Now let’s say hi to 2 to experience further challenges. The game is back with better graphics and features, promising to give you a lot of fun. You will take control of a paper-like character, move it around the map to take over as much territory as possible. Then, you connect all of the captured spaced back to your main base to extend the size of your realm. While doing this mission, you’d better pay attention to your surroundings as the danger is everywhere. If somebody crashes into your line, it will be the end for you immediately. Similarly, they will meet their doom as well if you hit their tails. Therefore, it is very important to defend yourself and try to keep your character alive as long as possible until you take over almost the entire arena. That’s when you also become the best player in the arena! Jump into the action now!

How to play 2
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