puts you into an amazing yet tough battle where you can ride on a wide range of dinosaurs to defeat all enemies. Grab this chance now to present your excellent fighting ability! Your main mission in is to pick up as many kills as possible to grow your score on the leaderboard. With dinosaurs, you can ride them into the fight, and make the most out of their strengths to finish off any enemies standing in your way. The awesome thing is if you can find the T-Rex which is the toughest dinosaur available in the game. Riding the T-Rex must be so cool! It is known as the strongest and the most dinosaur. Also, don’t forget to break a lot of objects dispersed around on the floor in order to find new loot for yourself. Do you think you will maintain your dominance in this area? Come enjoy it now!

How to play

Use WASD to move your character, click the left mouse to fire, collect items or interact with them using key E, reload your weapons using key R, drop an item by clicking the right mouse, open the menu by pressing key Esc, and open the map using key M.
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