is a strategy game with gameplay not different from Agario style. It is released with an extremely interesting Battle Royale match where every player is forced to eat each other if they want to become the biggest character. There are various modes available to choose from such as FFA, Dual, MegaSplit, and Instant. It is easy to play solo in or work together with friends. Regardless of whoever you cooperate with or venture alone, you must achieve the goal as soon as possible and maintain the position that you have achieved carefully. At the start, you are only a tiny cell. Before you turn into a huge monster, you do not ignore finding food. What you are able to consume in will comprise colored dots and even smaller rivals or parts of a splitting opponent. You can deploy special abilities during the journey, for example, dividing your body, ejecting some mass. Watch out! You will explode when you hit viruses and you will be killed in case you are captured. Good luck!

How to play

Move the cell by using the mouse
Press W to eject some mass, Space with Q and T to split
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