is a fun-addicting MMO shooting game. It is about a crazy survival match which can be set in one of the three modes, including Free For All, or Captula the Spatula. Not only that, it is easy to create a private room and invite friends to join together with you. Next, it’s possible to choose the arena and the character you like most to start Once you step into the new playfield, you need to defend yourself from every attack from directions and destroy as many foes as you can.

There are a lot of containers in They generate many quiet hiding corners in which you will have the chance to restore your health, especially when you have been damaged. Just wait for a moment and you can return to fight. Additionally, you are recommended to pick up ammo while roaming around because your weapons have limited resource. Besides, master how to switch your equipment and select a suitable item to attack your target effectively. Furthermore, you can launch grenades whenever. But, remember to use them sparingly!

How to play

Strike WASD to move, Space to jump, Shift to aim, Left mouse to fire, R to reload, E to choose weapons, Q to throw a grenade.
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