If you’re fully confident in your shooting ability, why not show it off in free game unblocked? You will have to compete against lots of enemies online, and your mission here is to shoot all of them down using your advanced weaponry while trying to protect yourself from being cracked by other players. Shellshockers io is a free shooting game for all, so that means you will encounter many kinds of enemies, from the weak ones to the tough ones. Surviving in this arena is such a hard thing unless you know how to deal with enemies. As you try to shoot them, make sure you watch out for your ammo count too! In case it’s about to run out, quickly go gather more supplies from the ground or from the downed players. Also, you should move to a quiet area of the map to regenerate your health. How many eggs do you think you can crack? Will you rule the leaderboard? Jump into now!

How to play

Move your egg killer around the map using WASD, use the left mouse to fire. Press key E to change weapons, key Q to throw a grenade, key R to reload, spacebar to jump, and key Shift to zoom and aim.
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