SLIME .network

SLIME .network is an MMO classic game. It is about a tournament where you will experience several different sports and have the chance to rule the championship. Actually, you can join the match of volleyball, soccer, and more. Meanwhile, what you are equipped will only include some keys to move, perform normal abilities, and release limited power shots. So, you need to manage those tools carefully because they will help you achieve the goal.

In SLIME .network, you will be able to work together with a team instead of playing solo against multiple rivals. although teammates can cover you in dangerous cases, you’d better rely on your skills and actively dodge hits. Furthermore, you should finish penalty kicks and deploy special attacks promptly if you’d like to survive and conquer rounds. SLIME .network will grant rewards for those are its loyal fans, especially for players who engage for a long time. They are people that make use of their brains and their reflexes to overcome challenges or defeat opponents. Explore the first level and enjoy your way now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, Space to jump, Shift to fire powerful shots, 1-4 to emote.

SLIME .network
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