In, you will battle against other opponents in a big arena by splashing your slime everywhere on the map. You start covering an area with your slime color, try to earn more upgrades then use them to cover more other areas faster. In addition, your size will be grown as you cover! Once you have reached a good size, you can bully smaller players, wipe them out and cover more area easily. Do not let anyone outplay you! You should utilize your strategies to outwit them, so they won’t be able to steal more areas. The match only lasts 90 seconds! Within 90 seconds, you should cover the white area with your color slime and finish it as the victor, which is your main goal in this IO game. Try to show off your excellent abilities to conquer all the opponents. Kick off the game now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Move the slime using the mouse.
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