is a space-themed battle game opening up a brutal and tough battle where players have to destroy each other if they want to build their dominance. You direct a galactic spaceship that is able to fire weapons to deal damage to other aircraft controlled by enemies then go vanquish all planets around you. It’s so fantastic to travel through the cosmos full of extraordinary things, but it’s also very dangerous as you can be hunted down anytime. Therefore, make sure you always have your skills ready to beat all enemy aircraft before they have a chance to deal damage to you. Watch out for the asteroid fields as they can also wipe your ship out critically, causing you to meet your doom. You can beat planets by laying your landing pad on their surface then call them your own. Don’t forget to fire stars for claiming the power-ups to get some health packs that help recover your spaceship. Do you think you will rule the cosmos? Play it now!

How to play

Control your ship using the left mouse, press key S to open the shop, key J to land on that planet. When you land on a planet, use spacebar to take off, key T to position a turret, key M to place a mine, key L for placing a landing pad and key S to place a shield.
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