Do you think you are powerful enough for a fighting event in Taekwon.io? Enter this fantastic RPG Upgrades Power-ups IO game right now to fly high your abilities. You are provided with a unit which must be well upgraded through over time by training a lot of essential techniques, such as kicking, blocking, punching, etc. At first, your unit is not strong enough for the fight ahead, therefore, you have to begin training it until it becomes powerful and ready to take part in Underground Fighting Ring by entering the Arena. Once the fight is kicked off, you must control the unit wisely, use all the skills you have trained before to deal damage to the rivals and knock them out of the league before they attack you back. The game features a function allowing your progress to be saved, therefore, if you come back tomorrow, you can continue from where you left off. Are you ready for the fight? Join it now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to punch and click the right mouse to kick.

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