Uncolored Dungeon

Uncolored Dungeon free is an io game about an adorable magician seeking glory. Join this amazing adventure game with RPG element to experience new challenges now. You are that magician that is dropped into a series of dangerous dungeons. There are plenty of enemies awaiting you ahead in these dungeons. Do you have what it takes to cope with them yet? You need to prepare all the skills, tricks, and strategies in advance. When you are already in the dungeons, you should go train yourself a bit as well as search for some new weapons that are scattered across on the ground. By doing so, you will better yourself a lot, giving you more power to fight against enemies. Besides using skills, you can cast new spells and utilize some magic to get an upper hand on the adversaries. Do not let any challenges dispirit your will of fighting! You know you can do it! Try your best to reach the end of all dungeons to become the best adventurer!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, enter the door using key Q, click the left mouse to fire or choose items, press keys 1-5 to change weapons, use key B to open the shop, key G to destroy items, key V to open the text commands menu, and key H to open the help modal.