is a classic Bejeweled Style game. Play online for free and help Santa Claus land on the floor safely to become the winner! He is trapped on a high pile of presents. And, you should give him a hand to escape from that stack as soon as possible. After the first stage, you will level up and receive many cute animals. They are crazy reindeer that makes more interesting. But, you are allowed to reset the behavior of those creatures by pressing buttons on the screen of You are recommended to perform that depending on the current situation. You can click to dismiss them whenever.

The extensive tutorial in the WinterSmash.iostrategy game will explain the way to progress fast. There are over 30 challenges during the campaign spreading between 2 threads. It means that you will be given 2 methods to complete them. Aside from the available map, you can create more for friends. Especially, you can test the playfield of other characters.

How to play

Use LMB to destroy obstacles and interact with buttons on the screen to call for reindeer.
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