Discover and rule the arena in Wormax2.io game as soon as possible! Firstly, you need to encounter other hostile players in real-time in the new adventure and defeat them. If you have ever played the initial browser version of Wormax.io, you will be able to accumulate some useful experience. Come to the upgraded sequel you should choose tips to deploy wisely. Although the gameplay looks fun, it is really a brutal match because you have to constantly dodge attacks or hunt down the rest.

In Wormax2.io unblocked, you are given three lives instead of only one. It can be easier for you to grow bigger and approach the top spot faster. Besides, you cannot be removed immediately when you have been killed. It is feasible for you to select another safer method at the starting stage. Indeed, you can evade the conflict and focus on finding fruits. The food in Wormax2.io free will be distributed across the area. Consume them to get longer and rank up! Similar to Slither style, you can cut off and destroy someone by making them crash into your body. Remember to use abilities smartly!

How to play

Use Left or Right me or Q to boost speed
Press W to stop, E to be invisible, 1-5 to choose a smiley

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