Have fun with the new adventure within YoHoHo.io 2D shooter game and set the new record of your own as soon as possible! So as to achieve that goal and take control of the top spot on the leaderboard, you should conquer three major factors including the kills, loot, and the time that you can survive during the match that you have joined. Start YoHoHo.io with multiple hostile pirates on a distant tropical island. You are recommended to defend your player from these people’s attacks for survival. Indeed, protecting yourself after you spawn is an important job before you can complete other objectives. If you are successful in killing somebody in YoHoHo.io, you remember to gather the booty that they leave. Those gold coins are really useful to unlock and buy more upgrades and open up areas not existing before. Similar to Agar.io, collecting doubloons will allow you to grow in size. Discover the first battleground and dominate the ranking now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows or the mouse to move, Left mouse or Space bar to hit
Hold the attack button longer to create a special dash onslaught

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